© ZDF/Frizzi Kurkhaus

Yuri’s return (Juri’s Rückkehr)

Nomination Ernst Stötzner “Best Supporting Actor” / Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen

1st part of the ZDF „Heart Cinema“ – Series “Next exit happyness”
(“Nächste Ausfahrt Glück”)

TV Movie, 89 ”, Eisenach, Berlin, first run 2/28/2021, 8:15 pm

For decades Katharina has taken care of Willi, the father of her old love Juri, but now her good will reaches its limits. For Willi is becoming whimsical and needs his son’s attention. So after more than 30 years Juri returns to his hometown Eisenach. In 1989 he had climbed over the fence of the Prague embassy and emigrated to Canada, where he has been organizing tours through the wilderness ever since. When he meets Katharina for the first time, the old magic is instantly there again. Actually, she wanted to escape with him across the border, but at the fence she didn’t dare to take the decisive step. The newly burgeoning feelings could not be more inappropriate, after all, Katharina is in the middle of life as the director of a daycare center and mother of Nina (Runa Greiner) and Paul (Sebastian Schneider). Above all, the familiarity between Juri and Katharina does not go unnoticed by her husband Georg Wegener (Max Hopp) …

Valerie Niehaus, Dirk Borchardt, Ernst Stötzner, Max Hopp, Susanna Simon, Christian Erdmann, Winnie Böwe, Runa Greiner, Sebastian Schneider, Pauline Werner, Maurice Lattke, Juri Padel, Zacharias Bullien, Rosa Henriette Löwe, Bettina Lamprecht, Werner Eng, Antonia Holfelder, Susanne Bredehöft

Directed by:Francis Meletzky
Written by: Georg Weber
DOP: Bella Halben
Music: Freya Arde
Producer: Christian Popp, Magdalena Frau