Wir sind jetzt
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We are now (Wir sind jetzt)

Young-fiction Series, Season 2, 4 episodes of 45”, Berlin and Brandenburg, first run 24/10/2020 TV NOW

A month has passed since Laura’s great love Oli was killed in an accident. Together with her friends Zoe, Julia, Mira and Fee, she wants to use the vacations for a fresh start. Without parents. Without rules. Without consequences. They pitch their tents on a campsite far away from home. But as much as the five friends try to leave their worries and fears behind them in their new surroundings, they realize that this is easier said than done and in the end everything turns out quite differently than they think.

Lisa-Marie Koroll, Justus Johannsen, Gustav Schmidt, Soma Pysall, Gina Stiebitz, Nele Trebs, Julia Wulf, Jonathan Lade, Justus Czaja, Joseph Bundschuh, Gerdy Zint, uva.

Directed by: Christian Klandt
Written by: Burkhardt Wunderlich
DOP: René Gorski
Music: Johannes Repka
Producer: Christian Popp

The format was awarded the “Bavarian Television Award” in the category “Best Youth Series” in 2020 and was nominated for the “German Television Award” in 2021