The butcher and the dead person in the shark tank

The butcher and the dead person in the shark tank (Der Metzger und der Tote im Haifischbecken)

Crime-Comedy, 88 min., Tirol, first run 2/19/2015, ARD

Willibald Adrian Metzger restores old furniture. The occupation is his appeal, in it he rises. This changes by the surprising reencounter with his youth crush Danjela Djurkovic who stays at an idyllic situated wellness hotel. While here a series of strange cases of death occur, Danjela immediately searches for proofs for her murder theory. Willibald lets him get carried away from her curiosity. His keen mind and his good eye for determining details bring him on the track of an incredible family drama.

Robert Palfrader, Dorka Gryllus, Christoph Luser, Gunther Gillian, Aaron Karl, Klaus Ofczarek, Martina Spitzer, David Miesmer, Ernst Konarek

Producer: Christian Rohde, Gilbert Funke
Written by: Holger Karsten Schmidt
Directed by: Andreas Herzog
Camera: Ralf Noack
Music: Christopher Bremus