The Butcher has detention (Der Metzger muss nachsitzen)

Crime-Comedy, 87 min., Tirol, first run 2/12/2015, ARD

During 25 years the restorer Willibald Adrian Metzger has heard nothing of his former schoolfellows. Then he suddenly falls – in the most true sense of the word – over the dead body of a former schoolmate, who discriminated against him at school in a very cruel way. When the butcher meets with the police at the murder scene, he can´t believe it: The dead body is away. Against his disposition and motivated by Danjelas curiosity, the former “freak” organises a class meeting to come on the track of the mysterious bloody murder. His former school-friends are amazed about the eloquence of the actually shy outsider, who turns around the words in the mouth to them with a keen.

Robert Palfrader, Dorka Gryllus, Andreas Lust, Bernhard Schir, David Christopher Roth, Markus Schleinzer, Carl Achleitner, Hary Prinz u.v.a.

Producer: Christian Rohde, Gilbert Funke
Written by: Holger Karsten Schmidt, Thomas Raab
Directed by: Andreas Herzog
Camera: Ralf Noack
Music: Christopher Bremus