Seduced-in the arms of another
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Seduced- In the arms of another (Verführt – In den Armen eines Anderen)

Erotic-Film, 90 minutes, Berlin, first run 11/22/2016, Sat.1

Since Nina met Daniel for the first time, she can’t get him out of her head: He is smart, attractive and mysterious, and the two meet seemingly coincidentally again and again. Nina embarks on an affair with him, experiences an exciting erotic adventure, explores the boundaries of her lust – and risks her.

Isabell Gerschke, Patrick Kalupa, Julian Weigend, Annika Ernst, Karolina Lodyga, Guntbert Warns

Executive Producer: Christian Popp
Written by: Hardi Sturm
Directed by: Markus Herling
DOP: Daniel Koppelkamm
Music: Birger Clausen