Chaos Queens: For every solution a problem
© ZDF/ Britta Krehl

Chaos Queens: For ervery solution a problem (Chaos Queens – Für jede Lösung ein Problem)

Chaos Queens – Für jede Lösung ein Problem

Comedy, 90 min., Berlin, first run 3/19/2017, ZDF
Based on the bestselling novel by Kerstin Gier

In her early thirties with a nosediving career and no hope for her future, trashy-romance writer Gerri grabs a shoebox full of sleeping pills and a big bottle of vodka, ready to transition from “tragic loser” to “tragic loss.” With the final curtain about to drop, she isn’t squeamish about letting people know what she really thinks of them, and dashes off scathing farewell letters. To her mother, for torturing her all of her life (and to thank her for the pills!) To her annoying, beautiful, blonde sisters. To her newly pregnant, tone-deaf friend. To her tasteless—if sexy—new editor-in-chief. To family. To friends. To everyone.
But her toxic concoction doesn’t take, and she wakes up to find the truth has not set her free, but instead has snagged her in glowering web. Is it possible to get along with people once they know your real opinion of them? Gerri is going to have to find a way to make things right with everyone…even if it kills her.

Katharina Wackernagel, Janek Rieke, Roman Knizka, Maxi Warwel, Bernhard Piesk, Inez Bjørg David, Bernd-Christian Althoff, Eleonore Weisgerber, Christof Wackernagel, Petra Zieser, Nicolai Tegeler, Christian Packbier, Thomas Chemnitz, Eva-Maria Kurz, Dagny Dewath, Klara Höfels, Dorothee Krüger, Sonja Bertram, Gode Benedix

Producer: Alexander Keil, Christian Popp
Directed by: Thomas Freundner
Written by: Aglef Püschel, Wiebke Jaspersen, based on the novel by Kerstin Gier
DOP: Benjamin Dernbecher
Music: Helmut Zerlett