Conni & Co
© Gordon Mühle

Conni & Co

Family-entertainment, 104″, nationwide theatrical release by Warner Bros. August 8/18/2016

Twelve-year-old Conni (Emma Schweiger) has a difficult start in the seventh grade because she has to change school. Even worse is that she cannot keep her stray dog Frodo. Frodo’s owner is the ruthless director Möller who not only makes a hell of a life for his pupils: When Conni and her friends realize that Möller also is a terrible animal abuser, they have to execute a desperate action: Save Frodo! With courage and inventive genius, Conni & Co jump into the equally exciting and funny feature adventure, for the first time in live action, after the 25-year release of this outstanding children’s book series.

Emma Schweiger, Oskar Keymer, Heino Ferch, Lisa Bitter, Iris Berben, Anneke Kim Sarnau, Ken Duken, in Gastrollen Til Schweiger und Kurt Krömer

Producer: Christian Popp, Siggi Kamml
Co-Producer: Til Schweiger, Tom Zickler
Directed by: Franziska Buch
Written by: Vanessa Walder
DOP: Konstantin Kröning
Music: Youki Yamamoto, Martin Todsharow
Production: Producers at Work, Barefoot Films; Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany