Conni & Co 2
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Conni & Co 2

Family-entertainment, nationwide theatrical release by Warner Bros. 4/20/2017

Conni and her friends spend their summer holidays on the Rabbitisland every year. But the children’s- and nature paradise is in danger, because the mayor and former headmaster plans to build a big hotel on the island. When the children find a dinosaur bone on the island thanks to their dog Frodo, Conni & Co feel a chance to prevent the construction.

Emma Schweiger, Heino Ferch, Iris Berben, Ken Duken, Matthias Habich, Oskar Keymer, Lisa Bitter, Samuel Finzi, Mimi Fiedler, Tamer Trasoglu, Tim Wilde, Paula Paul, Lui Eckardt, Antoni Lawrenz, Alix Heyblom, Ben Ole Knobbe

Producer: Christian Popp, Sigi Kamml
Co-Producer: Til Schweiger, Tom Zickler, Christian Specht
Written by: Vanessa Walder, Til Schweiger
Directed by: Til Schweiger
DOP: Markus Nestroy
Music: Martin Todsharow
Production: Producers at Work Film, Barefoot Films, Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany