Seduced-in the arms of another
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Legally dad – Objection denied (Plötzlich Papa)

Primetime Series, 45-minute episodes, Berlin, 10/23/2008, Sat.1

Alex Degen feels most comfortable in an expensive suit. The suave lawyer enjoys success in everything he does – and he’ll go to any means to make sure things stay that way. His two priorities in life are winning in the courtroom and getting the fat paycheck that is his reward. After all, the flash sport cars, sexy women and penthouse apartment in the center of Berlin all cost money. But one morning a woman from the Youth Welfare Department appears on his doorstep and announces that he’s the father of Fanny, who is just 8 months old. Alex is overwhelmed, forced to accept responsibility and to find far less glamorous, child-friendly job. But what can he do? Now he really needs the money! Once the culture shock is over, however, he is soon back to his old tricks – and of course the attractive Sophie has a crucial part to play in all this…

René Steinke, Anuk Ens, Daniela Preuß, Kai Ivo Baulitz, Rolf Kanies, Matthias Klimsa, Falk Rockstroh, Katy Karrenbauer

Producer: Christian Popp, Alicia Remirez, Sigi Kamml
Written by: Stefan Dähnert, Nick Baker-Monteys
Directed by: Sigi Rothemund, Sophie Allet-Coche, Sebastian Vigg
Camera: Erich Krenek
Music: Ali N. Askin