Dr. Molly & Karl
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Dr. Molly & Karl

Primetime Series, 43-minute episodes, Potsdam, 10/23/2008, Sat.1

Dr. Susanne Molberg, known as Dr. Molly, is a neurologist and neurosurgeon who is famous for her medical skills – and her blunt manner. Since Dr. Molly’s ruthless, forthright manner scares off so many patients, the pretty clinical psychologist Dr. Carlotta Edelhardt is brought in; “Karl” will maintain the balance, the management of the clinic hopes. Karl quickly becomes extremely popular, with her warmth and feminine intuition – a situation which leaves Dr. Molly far from amused…


Sabine Orléans, Susanna Simon, Daniel Krauss, Michael Rotschopf, Roman Knitzka, Collien Fernandes, Paula Birnbaum, Dominik Bender, Karl Fred Müller, Doris Schretzmayer, Gloria Qaiem Maqami, Florian Bartholomäi

Producer: Christian Popp, Alicia Remirez
Written by: Martin Rauhaus
Directed by: Franziska Meyer Price u.a.
Camera: Theo Müller u.a.
Music: Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Dennis