The girl on the ocean floor (Das Mädchen auf dem Meeresgrund)

Adventure, 90″, Wien, Köln, Marokko, Spanien, first run 12/8/2011, ZDF/ORF

Vienna, 1950. The attractive student Lotte yearns to be a photojournalist and tour the world, just like her idol, Hans Hass. Before long she gets close to the pioneer of underwater photography by working as his secretary. But Lotte soon establishes that Hass is pedantic and mean-spirited – and he never takes women with him on expeditions. She doesn’t give up, though, and she takes some fascinating pictures of the underwater world of the Danube. Hass is impressed by her photos… and soon by Lotte herself. However, he hides his feelings for her, and he still refuses to let her accompany him on his expeditions. Until Hans decides he will be the first person to film white sharks. He needs some guarantee that the documentary will be a box office success: a beautiful woman in front of the camera. This is Lotte’s chance! She travels with him to the Red Sea, dives in the magnificent underwater world and bravely swims with the sharks. Soon she is on cover pages all round the world as a sensational diver; she becomes famous for being the girl on the ocean floor.

Platinum Romy: Lotte and Hans Hass (cinematic oeuvre)
TV-Movie Camera:Mathias Neumann and Gerd Kappes
Nominated Most Popular Actress: Yvonne Catterfeld

Yvonne Catterfeld, Benjamin Sadler, Harald Krassnitzer, Manuel Witting, Andreas Schmidt, Raimund Wallisch, Rafik Boubker, Werner Prinz, Kitty Speiser

Producer: Christian Popp, Sigi Kamml, Gilbert Funke
Co-Producer: Dieter Pochlatko, Nikolaus Wisiak
Written by: Christoph Silber
Directed by: Ben Verbong
Camera: Mathias Neumann
Music: Jessica de Rooij