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Silicon Scandal (Nicht mit uns! Der Silikonskandal)

Drama, 92 Min., Stuttgart, first run 10/17/2017, Sat.1

Jenny, Konstanze and Micky all had had their breast enlarged for individual reasons. Shocking – as news spread that the responsible pharma group has used minor quality of silicon, being said to be cancerogenic. The women hire the broken lawyer Axel Schwenn to press charges against the pharma giant. First Schwenn is sceptical but then his fighting spirit awakens…

Hannes Jaenicke, Susanne Bormann, Stephanie Krogmann, Mimi Fiedler, Muriel Baumeister, Adrian Topol, Johannes Zirner, Andreas Leupold, Vera Kasimir

Producer: Christian Popp, Alexander Keil
Written by: Holger Haase, based on an idea by Hannes Jaenicke
Directed by: Holger Haase
DOP: Uwe Schäfer
Music: Andy Goll