Where are we now, Season 3
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We are now (Wir sind jetzt)

Young Fiction Series, 3rd Season, 4 episodes of 45 “, Berlin Brandenburg,
first run “38. Filmfest München”, 4th of July 2021
20/6/22, 10:15 p.m. on RTLzwei

First love, wild parties, insecurity, emotional chaos and strokes of fate: In the new episodes of “We are now” (“Wir sind jetzt”) there is a reunion with 17-year-old Laura (Lisa-Marie Koroll) and her clique. But this time the focus is on Hannes (Helge Lodder), who increasingly feels that he is not who he wants to be. On Tinder, Hannes switches back and forth between boys and girls. In an inattentive moment, he clicks on Ariel’s (Noah Tinwa) picture and it’s a match! They spend an evening together and Ariel spends the night at Hannes’ place. On a shopping tour with Daniel (Gustav Schmidt), Hannes secretly buys a dress that he hides deep in his closet. Will Ariel still love him as a woman? Only Kim (Adel Onodi) has the right advice for him. Being trans herself, she finds the right words and encourages Hannes. On the one-year anniversary of Oli’s death, all friends come together at the lake, talking about Oli, remembering their friendship, crying and also laughing. Out of nothing a message appears on the wall at the school: “Oli is not forgotten! And neither are your actions, Laura!”. The uncertainty of who is behind the graffiti troubles the clique and burdens Laura more than she is willing to admit…

Helge Lodder, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Gustav Schmidt, Lennart Preining, Julia Wulf, Marlene Burow, Nele Trebs, Noah Tinwa, Gerdy Zint, Bärbel Stolz, Manuel Santos Gelke, Amelie Herres, Adel Onodi, Monika Anna Wojtyllo, Roland Bonjour und Soma Pysall

Directed by: Christian Klandt
Written by: Burkhardt Wunderlich
DOP: René Gorski
Music: Johannes Repka
Producer: Christian Popp, Magdalena Frau

38. FILMFEST München
4th of July 2021, Premiere Staffel 3, Folge 9 und 10

achtung berlin Festival 2021

The format was awarded the “Bavarian Television Award” in the category “Best Youth Series” in 2020 and was nominated for the “German Television Award” in 2021