5 Hours (5 Stunden)

In production (ARD)

Frankfurt 1967: Lisa Scheel, an aspiring doctor, works hard to become one of the first women in surgery. Nevertheless, Prof. Kohlfeld prefers her to a man who passes off Lisa’s research as his own. Lisa resolutely pursues her plan: she travels to Cape Town to meet Kohlfeld’s rival, Dr. Barnard, who also wants to perform the first heart transplant on a human being. In South Africa, Lisa experiences the injustice of apartheid at first hand. Only secretly can the black Hamilton Naki join Barnard’s team. He is an excellent surgeon, but is not officially allowed to work as a doctor because of the color of his skin. Against all odds, Lisa and Hamilton contribute to the success of the first heart transplant and defying the injustices of apartheid wherever they can.

Sonja Gerhardt, Alexander Scheer, Fritz Karl, Loyiso MacDonald, Clara Wolfram, Thimo Meitner, Arnd Klawitter u.a.

Directed by: Franziska Buch
Written by: Christoph Silber
DOP: Bella Halben
Producer: Christian Popp, Tobias Stille