Wenn Papa auf der Matte steht

Father’s Days

TV Comedy, 88 min, Berlin, first broadcast on 12 January 2024, ARD

Widower Danyal hasn’t heard from his daughter in a long time. He and his friends Markus and Tobi spontaneously decide to travel to Berlin to pay an unannounced visit to their grown-up daughters Jila, Tilda and Hanna. But as soon as they arrive in the capital, the three loving fathers realise that they know even less about their daughters than they had dreamed. Confronted with the young women’s urban lives, the short trip to Berlin develops a momentum of its own that demands everything from the fathers and daughters.

Marcus Mittermeier, Tim Seyfi, Dirk Borchardt, Lara Mandoki, Zoë Valks, Aylin Öcal, Elvis Clausen, Eva-Maria Kurz

directed by: Tomy Wigand
written by: Birgit Maiwald
DOP: René Gorski
Music: Anna Kühlein
Producer: Magdalena Frau, Christian Popp