A Rainbow for Christmas (Ein Regenbogen zu Weihnachten)
© ZDF / Zuzana Panská

A Rainbow for Christmas

TV film, 88 min, Czech Republic, Berlin, first broadcast 17. 12. 2023, ZDF

After a momentous encounter on an emergency train, single father Martin succumbs to the charms of young vet Nicole. At first, the two enjoy their carefree relationship. After a year, however, Martin realises that the time has come to introduce Nicole to his two teenage children, who lost their mother years ago. Determined, he arranges a dinner with Nicole and the children, but Juli and Kris give the new woman at his side the cold shoulder. Martin dares to try again and invites Nicole to accompany him and the children skiing in the mountains over Christmas. But Nicole needs some distance after her disappointing experience with Kris and Juli and declines. As in previous years, she will spend Christmas with her unorthodox mum. The mood on the ski trip in the snowy mountains is bad. Her deceased mother is missing and all Martin’s attempts to please his children fail. When Nicole unexpectedly turns up at the door, she initially manages to break the ice. But the fronts are already threatening to harden again, unless a small miracle happens on Christmas Eve.

Jasmin Gerat, Maximilian Brückner, Sophie Paasch, Louis Eitner, Sabine Vitua, Maisie Anna Navina Tipango, Andrea Guo

directed by: Esther Gronenborn
written by: Christoph Silber
DOP: René Gorski
Music: Gert Wilden jun.
Producer: Magdalena Frau, Christian Popp