The State Affair
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The State Affair (Die Staatsaffäre)

Comedy, 90 minutes, Bruchsal, Berlin, first run 9/2/2014, Sat.1

Anna Bremer (Veronica Ferres) is handsome, successful, and has the one and only job in the country: She is the Chancellor of Germany. A working hard woman who has sacrificed her entire private life for the nation’s best. Although her advisor Bernhard (Martin Brambach) would rather see her being in a relationship with somebody, there is nothing happening so far. Until suddenly a new French president is been elected and Anna believes to remember Guy Dupont (Philippe Caroit) from somewhere. At the European Summit she finds out, Guy has been the guy who took off years ago after a passionate one-night stand. Also Guy remembers that he fall in love with a girl when he was a student in Berlin. Being heads of state the affair becomes complicated and Anna is torn between her love and the country. Would Germany accept a French prime minister as First-Man of the country? After a night of love Anna is forced to make a decision.

Veronica Ferres, Philippe Caroit, Martin Brambach, Theresa Underberg, Bernhard Piesk, Stephan Kampwirth

Producer: Christian Popp, Alexander Keil
Co-Producer: Sebastian Sawetzki
Directed by: Micky Rowitz
Written by: Don Bohlinger, James Dutcher
Camera: Dietmar Koelzer
Music: Helmut Zerlett