Love is in the air
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Love is in the air (Schmetterlinge im Bauch)

Telenovela, 1 season, 25-minute episodes, Potsdam, first run 8/21/2006, Sat.1, ORF1

Nelly and Nils are about to see their separate dreams come true. Nelly is already in a wedding gown, and Nils is about to propose to his girlfriend Melanie. But just before she is due to walk down the aisle Nelly catches her fiancé with her best friend, so she runs away from her own wedding. She goes to Berlin and begins a new life working for a luxury airline. She falls in love with a colleague, and her new neighbor, Nils, becomes her best friend. Before long they find out everything about each other – except that they are meant to be together…

Alissa Jung, Raphael Vogt, Jannek Petri, Matthias Paul, Marie Munz, Sonja Gerhardt, Sandra Schreiber, April Hailer, Nicole Ernst, Laurent Daniels, Julia Philippi, Matthias Matz, Christian Wunderlich, Paco-Luca Nitsche, Bernd E. Jäger van Boxen, Zacharias Preen, Claudia Vogt, Timo Merkhoffer

Executive Producers: Christian Popp, Gilbert Funke, Joachim Kosack
Creative Producer: Petra Kolle
Written by: Aglef Püschel, Dieter Fleiter, Henrike Goetz, Marina Heib
Directed by: Tina Kriwitz, Laurenz Schlüter, Winfried Bonengel, Petra Clever
Camera: Jens Ernst Tukiendorf, Michael Strecker
Music: Curt Cress, Reinhold Hoffmann