The Island

West Berlin, 1978. Chaos rules: the emergence of punk, illegal occupation, old values against new ones. Three detectives from very different sides set off to investigate a cruel, sexually motivated murder case.

Producers at Work are happy to be supported by MEDIA for the series “The Island”, which is planned as a 6-part German-Danish-British co-production, with 50,000 euros. The project is based on the crime bestseller by author duo Christian Dorph / Simon Pasternak.

125,000 euros to three German projects: Out of 342 submissions in April 2019, 70 projects were supported with a total of 2.73 million euros, which corresponds on average to two successful applications per member country. Nearly half of the selected projects come from the so-called five large countries, in which Germany scores almost the worst with just three funded projects. This is a success of disappointing 12.5 percent. Only the British faced with the Brexit, who entered the race with 18 submissions, are still behind the local industry with two commitments.

The entire European funding list can be found here: